The holiday helpline gives you that peace of mind knowing that if anything occurs you will be adequately assisted in your language.
What does the holiday helpline provide?
The Holiday helpline provides a 24 hours / 7 days per week service where the holidaymaker is attended in English. Many holidaymakers do not understand the Spanish language and are worried about what to do in case of a medical incident during their holidays. These incidents can range form minor aliments to outricht emergencies.

The Holiday helpline provides a 24 hours/ 7 days per week service where the holidaymaker is attended in English. The holiday helpline also offers the possibility for the client to store in the Holiday helpline database his/her particular medical information so this can be forwarded to the ambulance service/doctors.

Who provides the service?
We have 2 types of memberships: standard for al of Spain where the ambulance services are provided by the Spanish public health system. Our call center will assure that any relevant medical information will be provided tho them and will help out for any translation issues.

Our premium membership is only available in the area indicated on the map and the ambulance service under this scheme is provided by the private Flying doctors organisation which has English speaking doctors aboard. Our call center staff is fully billingual and backed up by English trained nurses who can access you professionally online for minor medical issues.

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